Identifying your abuser

Identifying your abuser requires only that you complete the form on this website.  The online form is for the purposes of this website only and will remain confidential and anonymous.

Your anonymity is important to you and to us.  Use only your first name or a fictitious name in your identification form.  We do need some way to contact you if we determine that multiple survivors have identified your abuser and email is the preferred method of contact.  We will use your email only to notify you that other survivors have identified your abuser.

When you are ready, you can submit your form via the link below.  We know that identifying  your abuser is not an easy task or one to take lightly.  However, identification is the first step in asserting your right to be heard.  We are confident that there will be multiple survivors who identify the same abuser. End the silence.  We stand with all of you.

Click this link for Identification Form
Click this link for Identification Form tutorial