How the System Works

Survivors submit anonymous online identification forms.  We will gather information from the forms to develop a database of specific information used to identify child sex abusers.  When we determine that a particular abuser has been identified by more than one survivor, we will notify those survivors.  At that time, each of the survivors will decide independently as to whether to share her/his identification with the other survivor(s) who identified the same abuser.

If the survivors agree to share their identifications, we will make their forms accessible to each of them.  At that point, the survivors can communicate directly with each other to decide whether to identify the abuser publicly and/or to file a report with the police, either individually or collectively.

If a survivor does not want to come forward after having been notified that her/his abuser has been identified by another survivor, she/he will remain anonymous and her/his identification  will not be disclosed to the other survivor(s).