Who is running this website?

The website is run by the Vertigo Charitable Foundation, LLC (VCF), an organization that advocates on behalf of adult survivors of child sex abuse.  Information about the organization is available at vcfhelp.org.  VCF is not affiliated with any law enforcement or government agency.

If I submit an online form to identify my abuser, will he/she be notified?

No, your identification remains confidential unless and until you decide to make it public. Even if you are notified that your abuser was identified by at least one other survivor, your identification will remain confidential unless you provide us with written authority to disclose it to the other survivor(s) who identified the same abuser.

Who will actually see my identification form?

Your form will be seen only by those who are running this website and only for the purpose of determining if an abuser has been identified by multiple survivors. Your form will not be sent to law enforcement or shared with any other organization.

Can I include information about ongoing or suspected abuse of a minor?

No, this system is designed for adult survivors to report past abuse. Any information relating to known or suspected abuse of persons who are presently minors should be reported immediately to the proper legal authorities.

Why should I trust that my identification will remain safe and anonymous?

VCF, the organization that will be managing this website, has been advocating for survivors for many years.  #Me2csa.com is an outgrowth of VCF’s continuing efforts to empower survivors to come forward, be heard, and hold their abusers accountable